Welcome to the new The Frugal Guys blog.  The purpose of this blog and the site will be to help others live a more fruitful life through shopping smart, entrepreneurship, and saving money.  The idea that I’d like to discuss throughout all my writings is to earn more and spend less, save and invest the

Many people ask me how to start travel hacking.  There is so much information out there that sometimes it can be overwhelming and therefore many people never get started.  In this article, I aim to give you a step by step guide on how to get started.  This won’t contain any advanced techniques but just

I had a wonderful 9 night stay at the Conrad Maldives. Here I will outline the booking  process,  a small review and some good methods for earning Hilton Honors points. Booking After visiting www.hilton.com I selected my destination and dates to start the searching process. I then clicked on “Points”. Hilton has 3 properties in

Many people think that if you use airline miles or points, your destination options are limited.  While its true you’ll need to be flexible when it comes to how and when you get there, the destination options are almost endless.  Especially if you are aware of how partner airlines work.  For example, when my family

Usually we think of the cost of gas fill-ups as an unavoidable cost.  Just like taxes, diapers, or insurance, there is nothing you can do about the rising cost of gas.  Or so I thought until I started looking into the world of grocery store and gas station loyalty reward programs.  I personally must have

My family and I have traveled for 13+ years. I first started as a newly married 24 year old. I wanted to take my wife on a honeymoon trip but was low on funds. I used points and miles to take my wife to Maui for free. Also I was able to use miles to

There are many benefits to starting your own business that I’d like to outline here.  If done correctly, entrepreneurship is valuable tool to becoming financially secure.  So without further delay, here are four benefits to becoming an entrepreneur. 1.  Mitigate Job and Income Loss Risk through Diversification We all know that no matter how stable