The Art of Travel Hacking

My family and I have traveled for 13+ years. I first started as a newly married 24 year old. I wanted to take my wife on a honeymoon trip but was low on funds. I used points and miles to take my wife to Maui for free. Also I was able to use miles to get a free Hertz rental. Fast forward 13 years and I have taken my family of 6 kids to multiple trips all paid with travel rewards trip to the beaches of Asia and a family summer trip to Hawaii.

Learn to make your travel dreams come true without spending thousands of dollars

Do you want to travel and explore the world but its just too expensive? Perhaps you have a large family like I do and plane tickets and hotels will set you back thousands of dollars. Do you want to take domestic trips to visit family? Or perhaps you want to experience luxury hotels and exotic places such as Fiji or the Maldive Islands that would otherwise be unaffordable.  Regardless of your travel desires, utilizing points and miles also known as “travel hacking” can help make your travel dreams come true. Many times, when this comes up in conversation, people don’t believe me that this is doable. So here are a couple screenshots of some trips that my family and I took for either nearly free or 100% free.

4 tickets to Malaysia at no charge!

4 Tickets from Dallas, TX to Kuala Lampur Malaysia

Eight Tickets from Dallas to Kona, HI, The Big Island















Studies have shown that traveling can improve mental health, will make you happier, and can give children a well rounded outlook on different cultures and societies. And of course travel is fun and exciting! But with the costs of flights, hotels, Airbnb’s, its unattainable for most of us. Throughout this blog, I will teach and point you to online resources that show you how to take advantage of credit card points and miles offers so that you can travel at a fraction of the cost. No longer will travel be a once in a lifetime opportunity. Imagine, being able to travel with your family every year and give your children a whole new outlook on the world.

So How Can You Travel For Free?

Many banks in the United States offer incentives for applying for their credit cards. These incentives are usually in the form of miles/points or cash back rewards. Miles can be redeemed for travel such as flights, hotels, car rentals, and more. Some credit cards will allow you to earn status with hotel programs or airlines so that you can qualify for upgraded rooms and other perks. By strategically taking advantage of these sign up offers and then strategically learning how to get the most value out of your earned points, you’ll be able to travel at a deep discount. It does not require you to spend more money than you already do. However, it will require you to be more intentional when you are using your credit cards.  You’ll have to decide before large or small purchases what credit card is optimal. And of course, you will have to pay your credit card off entirely each and every month and avoid interest and finance charges. Any travel savings will go down the drain if you are paying interest on your credit cards.

Throughout this blog, I’ll teach you how to choose which credit cards to apply for in order to meet your travel goals. Once you learn the basics, you will see that its very easy to travel for free. By being very intentional in which credit cards to apply for and when you apply for them, you’ll be able to take advantage of sign up bonuses to boost your available miles. These miles will then save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars! Stay tuned for more detailed posts on this topic as this is something that I am extremely passionate about.

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The problem is that you have to spend a significant amount of money in order to redeem the points, in your experience is there a side hustle or business that can be started in order to generate points?